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breastfeeding old daydreams @ 3:36:00 AM

yesterday, i found myself wandering through a mall with three others, aimlessly petting the insides of our pockets, we had nothing to do, in search for a music player & maybe a new blazer and routine top.

no trouble there, it's easy to find tangible materials, i had a hard time finding my mojo. it feels like nothing inside, it's intense.

i thought i had found it this morning, something burned like fire inside, to be honest, i was constipated. i thought i had found it while in the kitchen, but it was dead, spicy onion rings.

i have been painting for a couple of hours, singing my brushes into a relatively realistic motion. it feels good, especially after my discovery last two weeks. my muse is with somebodu else, i'm in love with a loser. splash!

outside, they're constructing two new apartments, it's always as if i've been living around drilling machines, six years really. these concrete giants is slowly blocking the sun from my winfow view, i'm way too boring to complain to our city hall.

remembering the two peanut butter cookies reem bought for me yesterday, my head passes by old daydreams. i'm hanging on by these thread.

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@ 2:29:00 AM

I'm in need of passion. Some sort of love affair maybe.


Long Live Vivienne @ 3:53:00 AM

Sharing some photos from Fudge november issue.
It's filled with ojiguru style, outdoor photography and Vivienne Westwood love moments. Favorite issue so far.

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